He didn’t say anything. Nero didn’t say anything. Goddamn it, the silence was suffocating. He knew he wasn’t wanted here which just made it twenty times worse. He couldn’t stand up to it. Not right now.

He set the plate down quietly. He had taken a few bites of…whatever it was. He wasn’t really paying attention, but it did leave a slightly pleasant aftertaste in his mouth.

"I’m sorry for…intruding. I’ll go now," he stated, still in that demure tone as he picked up his tattered shirt and jacket and pulled them on. He stood up, was still a little shaky, but he managed. "Thanks," he stated gruffly, his eyes didn’t meet Nero’s as he spoke.

Upon hearing Dante put the plate down, Nero lowered his own plate to rest it on his knee. He patiently watched the man get up, readying to go, but once Dante finished talking, the unamused expression turned into a deep, disapproving frown. “Sit down.” It was an order, not a request. “You are not going anywhere until you’ve healed more and had the rest you need. Understood?”


Some sort of acid explosive, then, Dante thought to himself, but didn’t say anything more than, “Hm,” as he went to dry off his hands. He still needed to know what its components were before he’d try to clean it up, though. Or at least a hint at what he could use that wouldn’t just fizz into nonexistence as soon as it made contact.

Hanging the towel back on the hook, he decided to simply ask, “So what’s the safest way to clean it up?”

Nero paused in what he was doing to look at Dante over his shoulder, giving him the classic ‘eyes half-lidded, one brow arched’ skeptic look. He was silent and unmoving for a moment for that expression to capture in Dante’s mind better, then replied in a monotone, bored tone, “Put on gloves. Collect the shards and throw them out. Wipe the stuff with a dry rag. Throw out the rag. Wash the gloves in clear water.” A blink, and he turned back to the sink. “Gloves are in the bag by the couch.”

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"You seem a little wound up, boss," he murmured tiredly, none of his usual bite in his tone. He picked up the plate, it didn’t really matter to him what was  on it.

"I’m not," Nero answered coldly, giving Dante an angry glance from the corner of his eye before focusing on his food, and on it only. That didn’t help relax his posture, but, at least, his expression softened.


"You don’t say," he commented, staying where he was to help with pouring more of the liquid over the wounds on Nero’s left arm. "You need to not cover the wounds until they’ve closed," he added, "It’ll go a lot faster if you keep treating them like this."

Then he stepped away to go to the tub and wash his hands off under the tap there. “What was it you dropped, anyway? To do this kind of damage, I mean.”

All the comments about the ‘experiment’s aftermath were met with a steady flow of grumbling, which included things like, ‘smartass’, ‘I know’, and ‘stop fussing’. At least, he wasn’t staring into space dumbly anymore.

"The shit’s supposed to blow up like that. Only after you throw it into a demons’ nest.” He, most likely, messed up the proportions, but that wasn’t something he wanted to admit. “Works great with big nests of small-ish lowlifes.”

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Dante’s stomach growled. He was on empty from all the healing he had to do. “Yeah. ‘s okay if  I stay?” he asked. He’d leave soon, he promised himself. He just wasn’t quite in shape enough to yet.

"Yeah, sure." Nero tried to sound uncaring, but he ended up overacting. "The cat won’t eat you if that’s what you’re worried about." He disappeared inside the kitchen.

After some scrambling around, things falling, and some more cursing, Nero reappeared in the front room, carrying a couple of plates and forks. One was sat on the table in front of Dante - it clinked loudly, put down too fast - the other he took himself. He gave the couch a skeptic look and, after momentary hesitation, sat on the edge of the desk.


"Still not up to par, but I’ll manage," he smiled weakly. He didn’t know what else to say. He felt like he was walking on eggshells. He didn’t want to mess this up now that he actually had Nero talking to him again.

"Good." Nero still avoided looking Dante’s way, and even turned to disappear back inside the kitchen, but stopped to say, "Food’s ready. You hungry?"


"Hey," he replied, scratching a hand through his hair. "You okay?" he asked, referring of course to the crashes in the kitchen.

Nero glanced at Dante, scratched his nose looking away, and gave a little tilt of the head towards the kitchen. “Yeah, I’m fine. The kitchen survived too. Uh… You feel any better?”

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