[txt] Track phone


[txt:] omw

Tapping a quick reply, he swiped at the screen of his phone until the GPS navigator started giving him directions to head for the woods north of the city. Well, at least he knew how to get there quickly, and the traffic wouldn’t be heavy at this time of day. He hesitated for a moment, then grabbed up the duffel bag by the basement door, where he had tucked a couple of things he had found that might come in handy.

[txt:] getting in the car hang on

[txt] Ok

If Dante needed any more reasons to be worried, the front room met him with a little extra surpise. On the desk, left behind, were both Red Queen and Yamato, and, as a final touch, also Nero’s scrapbook.



"You look like Dante.. Did Dante have a spawn while I was in hell?" He asked as he glared at him, "Not to mention.. You seem to have Yamato, care to give back what is mine?"

The mention of his relation to Dante - like his relation to anyone in the Sparda family actually - got pointedly ignored. The mention of Yamato, however, got Vergil a sneer in response. “Finders keepers, asshole. Go find your own.”

[[ In case anyone’s wondering why the lack of activity lately… The blog’s single-verse, and Nero’s currently going through a… kinda rough and antisocial stage. Behind the scenes, yep. I think, that explains stuff.

If you want to RP with me, but don’t want to deal with this jerk - and he is a jerk, yep - then you can come bug Oren - my other muse - here - or ask for a starter on that blog, no probs - since he’s a lot more sociable and nice currently. ]]


[txt:] u really honestly wanna know?

[txt] I asked


[txt:] nah thats ok

[txt:] im p sure ull regret offering if i told u

[txt] Yet u have no trouble asking someone else?


[[ For the first one since the second one would most likely be ignored… ]] [txt] What did u lose this time? [txt] Or rather who?
[txt:] ignore those pressed wrong number when sending

[txt] Wrong number. Not wrong text

[txt] Need help?

☣ - Whats your favorite thing about yourself, physically && personality?

[[ Physically, it would be my expressiveness. As in, I basically wear my heart on my sleeve, and even if I ever try lying about what I think, you can usually see everything written on my face anyway.

Personality-wise… I’m not afraid to be a complete dork around people I know at least a bit? Joke, jump around, do silly things… Especially if that helps me get a smile in response! ]]

✽ - Favorite pie or cake flavor?

[[ Uh… Does pizza pie count? … Okay, okay. Then, I guess, fish pie or cherry pie, depending on whether we’re talking about main dishes or desserts. ]]

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☮ - If you could only eat at one fast food place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
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✖ - Have you ever had surgery, if so, where?
☢ - Hair color? Eye color? 
☣ - Whats your favorite thing about yourself, physically && personality?
❖ - TV show that pisses you off but you can’t stop watching like a train wreck?
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ღ - Best present you ever received, worst present you ever received.
๏ - What do you like on your toast? Or bagels. 
☺ - Preferred playing piece in Monopoly?
☻ - Do you believe in ghosts? Lochness monster? Bigfoot? Yeti?
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♝ - Tell a story about something creepy that happened to you, either paranormal creepy, or people being weird creepy.
♞ - A favored holiday tradition.
♟ - Have you ever been in a school play? If so what, and who did you play? Or were you behind the scenes?
✿ - Favorite ice cream flavor?
✽ - Favorite pie or cake flavor?
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☃ - Name some seemingly stupid things that make you really angry or annoyed.

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