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"Don’t bother…" he repeated the words dumbly, as if not able to comprehend their meaning. "It’s not like it’s something I can turn off," he said quietly upon seeing Nero stop a few steps away. 'I keep fucking up. What else should I say? What can I do? He hasn't left yet. So either he's got more venom to spit or…he's just as nervous as I am.' 

"I consider you a friend, boss. ‘s…not something I take lightly, believe it or not."

Nero flinched, although the motion came a few seconds after Dante finished talking, and swiftly turned around. He was still shaking, and his look kept moving all over the man’s face as if he was searching for something. He licked his lips. “…Come again?”



"Move? Oh… Uh sure…" Not wanting to get on this guy’s bad side anymore than he already is, he moved. And then notices the approaching group. Don’t they look friendly… "I take it they aren’t friends of yours…"

"Ain’t it obvious?" He watched Aoba back away from the corner of his eye, and, of course, it had to be right into the gang’s line of sight, and not out of it. Naturally, upon noticing the guy with bright blue hair, the whole bunch was even more eager to come cause some trouble and was approaching even faster. "Well, shit."

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He tilts his head to the side. “Honestly I could not even tell ya why?”, He said slightly.

"Ah, let me rephrase it then." He managed to keep the smile off his face but not out of his tone. "How much alcohol was involved?"


He smiled at that, but it was a weak kind of smile, his fingers still slowly weaving through Nero’s hair. “Waste of energy,” he said quietly, trying to make it a joke, but only barely succeeding. “Don’t wanna wake you with my tossing and turning, you know? I’m not gonna die from getting less than seven hours sleep every night, either.” He let his hand slip down the side of Nero’s face, knuckles brushing along cheek and jaw, then he let his thumb lightly rub at the other’s lower lip in a silent demand that Nero stop chewing on it.

"Besides, I bet you don’t know half the stuff you’ve done to improve my existence already," he continued, his tone sincere.

While listening attentively and keeping his eyes on Dante, Nero tilted his head into the touch a bit. He couldn’t remember last time they had such a ‘just us’ moment - one that didn’t involve Dante half-panicking or Nero being antsy; a quiet one.

A corner of his lip quirked up, and he nipped the fingertip on his lip lightly before answering, “I can only guess.” He shrugged the best he could the way he was lying, earning a warning meow from Kit. “Still, if I half-assed the things I do, I would’ve been dead years ago, and many other people too.” He offered a tiny smile to smoothen the gravity of what he’d said. Fingers came to ruffle Dante’s hair gently. “And I’m so not half-assing things the time…” He didn’t finish, going back to biting his lip.


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Dante’s cleaning up his sword when he hears the door to his shop opening. He’ll look up and spot the old, yet familiar face. “Well…” He’ll whisper with a hint of a smirk, putting Rebellion away. “Didn’t think I’d see you again, kid. How’s that sword doing?”

A single quick look around gave Nero a good enough idea what he was dealing with, and only afterwards does he kick the door closed, leaning against it afterwards. “Yeah-yeah. Nice to see you too, asshole.”


He thought about it then gave a smirk. “Well if I can punch them I don’t think I will worry about it.”, he could not help but think about throwing most of them.

"That’s the spirit," Nero huffed, not quite joking and not quite serious either. He looked around briefly. "So how come you’re out of ‘hiding’?"


Sighing a little, he moved to run his fingers through Nero’s hair, while contemplating how to reply to that. The first thing he could think of seemed as though it would only turn this into an argument, and that really wasn’t what he wanted, so he stayed quiet, and did his best to ignore the cat’s stare. As though Kit joining them was some sort of cue, soon enough the other cat was making her way across the bed to see what everyone else was up to, and under the three gazes, Dante finally said, “Maybe. But you need it far more than I do, and I’d rather not get scolded again for not looking after you properly.”

That came dangerously close to his first thought, so he tried to think of something to add, but ended up with nothing harmless enough to bother saying.

Nero stared in silence some more, letting Dante have a moment or two to consider what was just said. Only after that did he sigh, then mumble, “You’re gonna explain how the hell me getting rest and you getting rest aren’t physically possible at the same time?”

There was another moment of quiet to let the words sink in, then Nero reached out with one hand to brush hair out of Dante’s face. Fingers then ran down over the cheek; the palm rested over Dante’s shoulder afterwards. Nero kept staring, teeth worrying his lower lip. Finally, he said, “I worry about you too, you know.”



"Well let’s hope that whatever that is, it doesn’t happen." Well… Waiting and having an awkward conversation. Not exactly the perfect day… Best he could do was look down at the ground.

He squinted at Aoba, as if to say, ‘Are you still talking to me?’, then his look moved up, and he even turned to glare somewhere over the guy’s shoulder. “I’d move out of the way, if I were you,” he noted, sending a brief glance towards Aoba, looked up again, and then turned to stare back at the roadway. He rarely had trouble dealing with the particular teenage gang that was now approaching the bus stop, but the guy he’d just met didn’t look like he’d do well in a fight.

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With a yawn, Nero climbed half on top of Dante, ready to use his mate's chest as a pillow; he always ended up waking like this in the morning anyway, and pretending he could sleep on his side of the bed wouldn't have gotten him anywhere. He glared, however, when he saw Dante pulling out his phone and headphones - as usual too. Grabbing onto the man's wrist, the teen grumbled, "What do I gotta do to make you sleep through the whole night?" He was most certainly not pouting right then.


Dante was just settling down, shifting a bit to make both of them more comfortable when Nero interrupted with his grumpy-sounding question. His first response was, “I do sleep,” but then he had to add, “A few hours at least.”

That was the truth; he usually did fall asleep some time into the small hours of morning, and he really did need that long to mentally calm himself down enough to be lulled to sleep by someone reading to him — or rather, having an audio book playing. It wasn’t really anything someone else could do something about, though. At least he didn’t wake from night terrors any more, and he stayed in bed to make sure Nero could get his rest, and he wasn’t sure of what more he could be doing.

"I try to catch some sleep, okay?" he tried, "And if there was something that’d help that, then sure, I guess I’d try it." Maybe, at least. "But I’m not the one who needs a full night’s sleep here. So go to sleep." He’d even pretend he wasn’t going to listen to anything, at least until Nero was asleep and beyond caring.

The annoyance was there for just too long to let it slide that easily, and Nero shifted to fold his arms on top of Dante’s chest, put his chin on top of them, and stare. For some time he was silent, only lightly tapping Dante’s chest with one finger, then… “You need some proper rest to function normally too, idiot,” he grumbled, more worried than angry. “You can pretend all you want, but I can see that you’re tired, you know.” He fell silent again then, still staring.

Meanwhile, Kit decided to come claim his usual spot on Nero’s back, between the shoulder blades. However, what Nero was doing was - apparently - deemed much more entertaining, because soon enough the cat was sitting on top of the teen and staring at Dante as well.