When Nero shifted to show his hand, Dante steeled himself, not sure of what to expect; in the end, it was nowhere near as horrible as what his mind had cooked up, and he let out a breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding.

"Guess I can’t stop looking at you," he tried to joke as he straightened a little to put his cup down. Then, reaching to wrap his fingers carefully around Nero’s right hand, he asked, "How bad was it?"

Nero visibly tensed under Dante’s touch, but didn’t pull away. “It’s almost healed.” He shrugged, but the motion ended up being very stiff. “Guess, I can take those off already.” He didn’t sound very sure, but his left hand’s fingers were already running over the bandages to get to the knot holding them in place.

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It took a lot more willpower than he liked, to keep himself still, and try to breathe slowly, normally. His arm did tighten up just so, his fingers curling around Nero’s hip as he kept quiet, listening. His mind supplied all the catastrophical scenarios possible — and impossible — and it became a real challenge to stay quiet and put. Then, as Nero fell quiet again, Dante spent a long moment just trying to clear his head and come up with something to say.

"Well," he managed after a while, pausing to clear his throat, "You’re still in one piece. … Right?" He tilted his head enough to be able to blink up at Nero. "How’s your arm?"

The way fingertips pressed into his hip reminded the teen just why he was trying to cover everything up with a lie in the first place. The silence that followed didn’t feel awkward anymore; it felt grim, and Nero had the time to consider a variety of things - from embracing the other to plain leaving - before Dante spoke.

"Yeah, I’m…" He fidgeted, made an attempt to hide his hand even deeper in his pocket, then, with a sigh, pulled it out to expose the thick layer of bandages wrapped around the palm. "So, you’ve noticed, huh?" Of course, Dante’d notice something as obvious as that, but it was a matter of avoiding the actual answer to the man’s question.

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snakes-and-red-roses replied to your post:

(whispers back to that whisperer… ‘they’ rarely write in German and were too lazy to check the dictionary)

[[ Well, we got our answer XD ]]

metalli-cock replied to your post:

(whispers gently, they added one too many f’s in that word)

[[ Oh. Okay. Maybe. I’m only guessing it must be something in German, or something, but no idea. … Not sure I even want to know what that means, really XD ]]

The great Hosenteuffel is coming! To prevent destruction of the world we all must sacrifice our pants. *holds a large sack open* Your donation please...

"That Hosen-something can either come here to get his ass kicked or kindly go fuck himself." He slammed the door shut in the person’s face.



"But I’m not human. Or even a devil arm as painful as that is to admit… I’m practically a science project made by a creepy guy. I bet REAL devil arms don’t need saving when they fight as humans… Then again they have had practice…" She covers her face in both frustration and the stinging sensation this treatment was giving her. "Be honest, would you trade me in for another weapon if you could?" She asked still covering her face.

Nero considered, maybe, telling her that Devil Arms were a lot more useful when they couldn’t walk and talk, but he had a feeling it wasn’t going to help, so plan B it was.

"I have Yamato with me at all times, y’know; it may be some kind of legendary sword or whatever,” he paused to carefully work at especially bad-looking cut, “but I’m yet to choose it over you.” He hoped this was good enough for the girl, but with her moodiness you never knew…


His fingers tapped against the rim of his mug as he waited, and listened. At Nero’s question, he continued with what he was still trying to figure out how to word. “Not much, really. Nothing specific, I guess, not that I can remember, anyway. When I told her she should’ve talked to you rather than break whatever promise she had made, that seemed to kinda put her into ranting-mode.” He let out a sigh, “I told her that I think I’ve let you know I want you safe, but I can’t really do more than that. You know?”

Pausing again, he turned a little more, arm now resting loosely around Nero’s waist, under the blanket. “I’m still pretty new to this, you know? I guess … I’m trying to trust that you’d let me know if there was ever a time it really, really matters. Just … Trying to come to terms with that. I suppose.”

There. He’d said it, in one way or another.

Nero listened in silence, fingers tapping the usual rhythm against his thigh, and even after Dante was done speaking, he chewed his lower lip for a while, trying to come up with a suitable answer.

"Remember the caves? The time when Nera got in trouble. There was a nutcase behind all that, and… long story short, he fucked up big time, and I had to go and handle the mess. Didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would." Maybe, that was too brief of an explanation, but going over everything was both embarassing and painful.

"It doesn’t matter. You were out of town. Don’t need you kicking yourself over things you couldn’t have changed anyway."

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Tutorial: How to get rid of music players - including autoplay ones - on blogs


You’ve probably heard about Adblock Plus. The point is, you can use it to block codes coming from certain web pages. Meaning, you can use Adblock Plus to block the codes that load music players!

What you need to do is:


  • I’ve tried to collect the links to all the players possible, and I’m yet to find one that the list doesn’t cover. Still, I can’t guarantee this list is final, so be cautious.
  • This method doesn’t turn off the music players, it gets rid of them altogether. If you still want players to be available, this method is not for you.
  • Adblock Plus will block any and all links and files that match the ‘templates’ in the list, meaning it’ll block the sites listed. Keep that in mind when browsing.

Hope that it’s helpful! Have fun browsing and, please, spread the info for people who might need it. Thank you.


He hummed a bit, more to show that he was listening than to comment. Just sitting close like this was nice enough, that he wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible, before he let out deep sigh, staring into his nearly empty mug. How to say this?

"I, uh … I’m guessing you have some idea of what might’ve happened? I mean, me going over to, mh, well. She called me and told me there was something she needed to tell me." As he was talking, he had leaned closer to Nero, little by little, and ended up with his head leaned on the other’s shoulder. Sitting like that, he waited for whatever reaction Nero would have, anything to let him know he could go on.

Not willing to answer right away, Nero chose instead to slowly finish his coffee. The distraction was gone sooner than he would’ve liked, and the teen proceeded to sit in silence, staring at the forward without really seeing anything.

When staying quiet got too awkward, he mumbled, “She promised she wouldn’t tell you.” There, he’d said it. He’d just admitted he lied to his partner. “How much did she say?”

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As soon as he felt Nero lean against him, Dante turned enough to comfortably slip his arm around the other’s shoulders. “Anytime,” he replied, smiling as he sipped his coffee. “So, just having some fresh air?”

Nero moved to make it more comfortable for both of them, at the same time tucking his clawed hand deeper into his pocket. “Hm… Yeah, kinda.” He wrapped his hand around his mug better to keep his palm and fingers warm. “No missions today, and the fridge’s full. Not many reasons to go outside.”

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